Unlocking The Revenue Equation

Companies providing data messaging and network texting to their customers may find their metrics long on users, but short on revenue. Identifying just the right monetization strategy can mean the difference between huge success and steep failure. Many providers have resisted implementing advertising for fear of alienating their user base - and for good reason. Messaging has become the most popular form of communication used today, and it presents a vast untapped opportunity, but if implemented incorrectly or if taken advantage of, can spell disaster. The challenge is identifying and implementing the right strategy... 

Our innovative technology and strategic delivery formula presents a unique collaborative approach that unlocks massive revenue in a way that builds trust, loyalty, and lasting connections.

Brand Integration Technology™  (BIT)

Our proven integration strategy connects companies with consumers in a uniquely cohesive manner, by seamlessly integrating brands within normal daily chats, pictures, and video’s shared between FRIENDS. Our collaborative approach is fully opt-in, and takes the additional step of encouraging users to share input into the types of brands they prefer, and associate with. Users receive special offers, early announcements, discounts, and rewards for every branded message they receive.

Once a user opt's in, the brand data is seamlessly included within their normal incoming messages received by their friends. The integrated brand data includes a brand emoji, and a live informational text link.  This builds consistent branding, and places the user just a tap away from the brands website, social media page, videos, or any other cross channel marketing efforts.

Integrated Messages

Integrated Photos & Video

Seamless Partner Integration

Unleash the power of our technology through our custom integration and development solutions. From modifications of existing applications, to building new enterprise applications from the ground up - we've got it handled! Our solution is infinitely customizable, and can be configured with both messaging over data, and network texting providers. We work seamlessly with our partners to plan, architect, code, test and implement custom solutions that focus on their specific technical and business needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best - messaging.

  • Our partners connect with the BIT platform.
  • We provide the tech, the sponsors, and manage the rewards.
  • Users have the option to opt-in to participate.
  • Our partners share in the revenue, & receive a check each month!!
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Brand Signature Technology™  (BST)

BST takes messaging to a new level, and provides technology that creates a significant value-add and revenue for messaging providers. Become the app of choice for business professionals by enabling your users to send custom branded messages!!

By integrating Brand Signature Technology™ your users can create their own custom branded signatures right within the app. It's like having the ability to create their own enhanced emoji's that are embedded within their outgoing messages!!

Share A Business

Connect Social Media

Support A Charity

While most social platforms are designed to broadcast a message on a large scale, BST takes a more personal approach, because, what's more personal than an instant message? Texting has become the communication method of choice, and is expanding even in business. BST helps professionals build their brand with every message they send.

The BST feature enables users to create multiple messaging signatures right within the app. The branded signatures can include an icon (i.e. a custom company logo/emoji), and a live informational text link. The added data is embedded within the messaging bubble area of their outgoing sent messages . Once the signatures are created, they can be set to automatically rotate within their outgoing messages, or they can be selected individually on fly, just like selecting an emoji. Once it's set up, users can focus on chatting, and let the tech do all the work!

Experience Integration Technology (Live)

Our Brand Integration Technology (BIT) and Brand Signature Technology (BST) can be experienced live via the IMGR Instant Messaging app. Although the delivery methodology is slightly modified with the IMGR App, it provides a close representation of how the integration technology works. IMGR Instant Messenger is available on iTunes and Google play. Check out the illustration videos below, or visit IMGR Instant Messenger

Brand Integration Technology (Video)

Brand Signature Technology (Video)