imageMessenger provides integration technology that seamlessly transforms ordinary messaging systems into powerful branding and marketing platforms.

Designed for multiple implementation scenarios, our proprietary Brand Integration Technology™ (BIT) creates solutions that enable our partners to monetize their mobile messaging platforms without the risk of alienating users or compromising their users experience. Our collaborative approach builds trust, loyalty, and lasting connections between brands, consumers, and our partners.

By integrating with our technology, messaging companies can focus on what they do best (messaging), while avoiding the high risks associated with new software development, and complex implementation.

Highly Effective Laser Targeted Marketing

The road to the consumer is shorter and traffic is heavier than ever, and identifying new and effective ways to stand out is an inevitable challenge for brands and marketing agencies.

Companies are not only trying to keep pace with their competition but also with the shifting behavior of consumers. Study's show that one of the most common behaviors of smart phone users is that 20% of the time spent on their mobile device is on messaging apps. So it's no wonder that messaging is a highly strategic place for brands to connect.

Brand Integration Technology™ (BIT) provides a strategic, laser targeted, and highly effective solution to build brand recognition, and connect with new customers.