imageMessenger, Inc. is a global provider of Brand Integration Technology (BIT) infrastructure. Our end-to-end solutions are seamless, secure, and highly strategic. Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, we're working to empower people and enrich lives, while creating lasting value to organizations of many shapes and sizes. We enable the full value of mobile messaging by delivering game-changing technology, services, and licensing that are easy to use, adopt and scale, making our partners successful in a fully connected world, and helping people and brands connect in a uniquely cohesive and strategic manner.

Delivering Digital Advertising That Gets Results

Our technology platform seamlessly adds revenue streams to messaging apps in a way that authentically connects with users, and creates meaningful engagements driven by positive synonymous relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance communication through innovative technology in order to facilitates a strategic bond between brands and consumers. We maintain an unwavering focus, rejecting shortcuts and easy opportunities that don’t align with our core values. With a practical approach to everything we do, we concentrate our efforts and invest patiently to continue to expand and innovate.

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